Secured Property Tax Relief

This past session my colleagues in the Legislature and Keith achieved a historic milestone by passing the most substantial property tax cut ever seen. This groundbreaking plan brings about an impressive $18 billion in property tax relief through the reduction of school district tax rates, the expansion of the homestead exemption, and crucial reforms to the appraisal process! On November 7th, my fellow Texans overwhelmingly voted in support of this historic tax cut.


Public Education

Keep kids the #1 priority in education! Having served as the President of Forney ISD and the founder of the Forney Education Leadership Foundation, Keith knows what our local public schools need to succeed. Keith will continue working in the State House to improve education, increase school safety, and empower parents. Support for public education is crucial—it’s our best avenue for equipping Texas children with the skills needed to find jobs and support their families in the future.

In this past session, Keith passed legislation that banned inappropriate explicit material in school libraries and stopped biological men from competing in girls’ sports.


Securing The Border

President Joe Biden has fostered a disaster at our border! This has created a record flow of illegal immigration. Human Traffickers and Cartels are the only winners in the border catastrophe.

This is why Keith worked to pass $6.6 billion for Border Security, new powers for State Troopers to search and arrest, and longer prison sentences for Human Traffickers.
Keith accompanied DPS on a trip to Eagle Pass, seeing firsthand Texas’ resources to safeguard our border. The ongoing consequences of the Biden Administration’s policy gaps are evident, forcing Texas to hold the line. This legislative session, we committed over $6 billion to combat the cartels, begin addressing the fentanyl issue, and tackle the overarching crisis. Keith is grateful to DPS, local law enforcement, and the Texas National Guard for remaining steadfast during this ongoing crisis.


Defend The Second Amendment

Keith is a member of the Texas State Rifle Association and a life member of the National Rifle Association, who endorsed his campaign for re-election with an A-Rating. He will always vote to protect the Second Amendment—and your right to protect yourself and your family.


Protect Innocent Lives At All Costs

In the last few years, Texas has led the nation in pro-life achievements – banning partial birth and dismemberment abortions and defunding Planned Parenthood. Keith voted for the Heartbeat bill and the trigger that went into effect once the Supreme Court ruled on the Dobbs decision As our representative, Keith will continue advancing the work of the pro-life movement – protecting our unborn and our most vulnerable.


Cut Regulation, Create Jobs

As a business owner, Keith knows what it takes to fight government bureaucracy, create jobs, make payroll, and balance budgets. He’ll continue to take those skills with him to Austin, where he’ll cut red tape, stifling regulations and promote economic development so our business community can continue its amazing record of success. Texas is the top state in the nation to start a business for a reason, let’s keep it that way.


Legislative Accomplishments

86th Legislative Accomplishments (2019)

87th Legislative Accomplishments (2021)

88th Legislative Accomplishments (2023)

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