Balance the Budget

The Texas economy is the envy of almost every other state in the union, thanks to conservative policies like maintaining a balanced budget without raising taxes. Keith Bell enthusiastically approves of this approach and as your representative, will see that it prevails.


Ensure Property Tax Relief

Keith supports local control and the idea that voters should have the power to “veto” huge property tax increases by election. He believes that property tax reform must be tied to school finance reform, creating a balanced approach that will properly fund schools so our kids have the resources they need—without raising property taxes sky-high on our homeowners.


Strengthen Public Schools

As President of the Forney ISD School Board, Keith has an impressive record of protecting our local public schools. He is dedicated to ensuring that our kids have the best education possible and is firmly committed to fixing our broken school finance system. Keith will initiate positive changes in how we educate our children—because he believes that a skilled and educated workforce is vital for the future of Texas.


Protect Our Property, Prevent Forced Annexation

It’s no secret that some municipalities just outside our district would love to forcibly annex some of our privately-owned land. Keith will simply not stand for this. He is a big proponent of private property rights and will always protect us from big-city “land grabs.”


Secure the Border

Keith is a big believer in effective border security. He also supported the recent “sanctuary cities” bill that banned Texas cities from continuing the dangerous “catch and release” of illegal criminals who put our families at risk. Keith was sorely disappointed when this law was challenged by liberal federal judges, but he will gladly join our conservative lawmakers’ continuing efforts to make our families safer.


Defend Second Amendment

Keith is a member of both the Texas State Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association, who designated him with their highest “AQ” rating. He will always vote to protect the Second Amendment—and your right to protect yourself and your family.


Protect Innocent Life at All Costs

In the last few years, Texas has led the nation in pro-life achievements – banning partial birth and dismemberment abortions and defunding Planned Parenthood. In fact, the number of abortion clinics in Texas is down from 40 to just 19 in the last few years. As our representative, Keith will continue advancing the work of the pro-life movement – protecting our unborn and most vulnerable.


Cut Regulation, Create Jobs

As a business owner, Keith knows what it takes to fight government bureaucracy, create jobs, make payroll, and balance budgets. He’ll take those skills with him to Austin, where he’ll cut red tape and stifling regulations, so our business community can continue its amazing record of success.


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